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How to skip the Blackberry Messenger Waiting list and Remove Notifications Icon

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images bbmYou have been waiting for Blackberry Messenger for four five years now, and it’s taken a while for them to come around. Finally it’s here, and everyone seems to be getting it, but you have to wait. It is frustrating and annoying, and you want it now! I’m right here with you! I didn’t wait long because I found a small loophole that worked right away for me, and I’m sharing it with you now. This isn’t the “Force Close” workaround, that didn’t work for me, and I suspect Blackberry has already fixed that.



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Sprint Service is Killing Me and I can’t Save Myself

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sprint logoI have to write this. I really must. I’ve been trying to convince myself that there is no need, but it’s come to the point where I really must do this, because hopefully it can gain enough momentum for some real change to happen. I’m talking about the horrible experience Sprint Service offers to it’s diminishing customer base. This is a rant, so be aware, but it’s also an invitation to join a pre-class action law suit to force sprint to let people out of contracts if their service is really not on par, and not as advertised. We don’t need to suffer alone! Continue reading…

The truth about finding time to Write and Blog

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If you are a steady visitor to my blog, then you may have noticed I took a sudden leave of absence. I’ve actually been really involved in some personal matters which took up all my free time. But as I’ve learned in the last three weeks, blogging is something you need to be 100% devoted to or else….

Or else what? That’s what many of you must be wondering. What happens when you lay off the pen, and just don’t blog. In what way does it impact you?

I experienced some set back in a few areas, which I want to share with you today, lest you fall like me, and then suffer like I have. Don’t worry, I won’t be too hard on you, and I’ll give you some great pointers to help as well.  Continue reading…

Blog your Way to Riches (Free)

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How badly do you want to make money online? I get it, there’s a lot you won’t do, and i’m guessing that would include anything in the adult genre, and maybe some other self-humiliating things like plankingconing, and some other teenage craze. But if you are like me you might be feeling a little desperate.

I know I am. the economy is struggling, people are out of jobs, and internet marketing guru’s everywhere are selling their products, and promising the world. I got this one email today suggesting I change all my money to gold, and another email from the same marketer promising to make me so much money I’ll be able to buy gold. I’m lost in this internet marketing world, and it’s tough to be a part of it. But I am, and you are probably a part of it as well. Continue reading…

How to find your lost mobile phone

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As many of you have come to realize, my blog here covers a broad range of subject. It includes subjects like technology, and related news, but also blogging tips, business rules, and other interesting stuff. Many have asked me why I don’t stick to one thing, and just write about that, and if it’s not more confusing this way? To them I say, Nay! 

Silly me (what a ridiculous name) is really a jumble journal of my brain, and thought processes. It’s also a journal of my online ventures, and life ventures. But more than anything it’s an experiment to see if it is indeed possible to make money online. I’m testing different methods, looking at options, and reporting back to you. The content thus far has been a reflection of my cluttered brain, which is essentially what any diary or journal really is. Continue reading…

My First Month’s Blog Report

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Since the inception of www.sillyme.me so much has happened. I started this blog just a mere four weeks ago, and it took a week before it really went anywhere. Initially, I started it with the idea that I’d make money using it, and between ads, banners, and affiliate links, I’d be raking it in. Not really. Sadly.

But it’s all a learning experience, and this is really a start. I’ve tried to follow some courses I bought from Alex Jeffery, but to be honest, I didn’t follow it much. I did however take action, and I’m pleased with the initial reaction. I’d like to take this post as a quick shot at reporting back to you with the progress.  Continue reading…

3 Reasons to Start a Blog

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I’d like to sing a song, it goes something like this. “I’m a blogger, are you? I’m write my thoughts, what do you do? Writing and typing about internet marketing is fun, let’s do it together while we tan in the sun.” But if you think about it, blogging as a career is not all that bad. So many people are so desperate, with little income, and not much more they can do. I’ve written about how to make money blogging and that article was pretty well received. It was actually the top three posts, and generated quite a discussion among friends and family.  Continue reading…

3 Ways to Get Content for your Blog (Bonus Extra)

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For all of you bloggers and internet marketers, this blog post goes out to you. What do you do when you can’t think of good content to write? I mean it’s not everyday that you have some inspiration flowing, or some new hot topic to discuss. As every blogger knows, content is king, and more than anything, you need new content at least three times a week if you want to keep your blog alive. But seriously, where do you get the inspiration to write from?

I have three sources, all of which are proving to be amazing, and I’m going to share those three with you now. But first, why would I? Many might be wondering, if I have a secret formula for content, why would I share it? Continue reading…

No More waiting for Customer Service

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In wake of Sandy, the hurricane which left utter chaos and mayhem on the East Coast, 20 million people are sitting without power. Even more people are stuck with horrible to zero cell phone service, no cable, and long call time waiting to reach insurance companies. In a brilliant and somewhat inspirational moment of coincidence I found myself in front of an Android & iPhone app that is, well, Brilliant!

It’s a MUST DOWNLOAD, Especially now! Continue reading…

SEO’s Holy Grail is NO MORE

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The holy grail of SEO is no longer. It’s been long accepted by webmasters that exact match domains for targeted keywords was the way to go. The content created was secondary to that, and as long as you had the keywords (kws) in your domain you were set. For example, if you sold houses in Florida, having your domain www.floridahomesales.com would have been a gold mine.

But once again Google is out for blood. Well not in a vampire like way, but they certainly are cracking down on low quality content, and this time exact match domains took a beating. This started back a month ago, and is still in full swing, and being rolled-out google-wide. Continue reading…